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The Minecraft Village server follows the adventure and role playing beta concept as close as possible, same as in single player. There is full weather, day and night, monsters, animals, dangerous caves and safety zones for resting. We have a strong belief in community building and offer many ways to interact with other players. However, you can always choose to venture alone.

New players always ask "How do i play?". The core principle of Minecraft is to build creatively. To create projects and be part of the community you will need resources. You gather and mine resources from the world and use those to build houses, buildings, forts, cities, whatever you like. Some players will join together to build forts and cities, while others will find a quiet location to build a secret base. How you play is up to you.

The second most asked question is "What can i do?". The answer is simple, you are allowed to do whatever you can do. If you want to do something, don't ask, just try it. If it is something you are not allowed to do then the server will not let you do it. Don't be lame and lazy, be creative, explore and experiment.

This server uses custom plugins to enhance multiplayer and community interaction. The three biggest features are zones, an in game economy and our anti-grief system. Zones protect land and buildings from monsters and other players so you do not need to worry about your work being destroyed. The economy system keeps track of how much in game money players have. You can use it to go shopping at stores, purchase protected land, hire players, etc.

The server is designed to allow players to do everything they need WITHOUT assistance from Admin. You do not need to wait for an Admin to be online to use any features or commands in the game. This includes getting promoted, protecting your home land, buying extra property, shopping at stores, etc.

New players start out as guest and their name in chat will be white. Some of the first things you should do as a guest is find a place to build your home. When you find a nice area to build you can setup your home zone to add protection for you and your buildings. After you find some minerals like iron, gold or diamonds sell them to a store. When you have some money promote yourself to member status with the "/promote" command. When you get promoted your name in chat will be green and you will have more commands you can use. Make sure to read the in game /help to see what commands you can use.