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Money is useful to have because you can use it to buy hard to find items, large amounts of building materals, protected zones for building on, or for hiring players to work on projects for you.

Every one has two money accounts for in game money, their personal money and their store money. To see how much money you have type "/money". Your personal money is what you use for buying things or paying other players. Your store money is where your profits go when someone buys items from your store. Your store money is also the money used to pay players when they sell something to your store. This allows you to budget how much money you are willing to payout for your store.

You can transfer money between your two accounts with the "/money tostore [amount]" and "/money fromstore [amount]" commands.

Money Commands:
  • /money - See how much money you have in both accounts.
  • /money help - Show money commands.
  • /money pay [username] [amount] - Make payments to a player, like if you hired them to do a job for you.
  • /money toStore [amount] - Transfer money from your personal account to your store account.
  • /money fromStore [amount] - Transfer money from your store account to your personal account.

Money is automatically given to all players as they play on the server. The more time you spend online the more money you are given.