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  • Treat other players nicely same as how you want to be treated. Trust me, because they will get revenge.
  • Remember there are players of all ages, please do not be offensive to the younger players.
  • Do not be lazy and ask everyone how to do everything. Read all of the information on this website and use the in game /help command.
  • If you can do it, then you can do it. If the server wont let you do something then you can't do it. Don't ask how to do something the server wont let you do.
  • No client hacks, xray, or fighting cheats allowed. Flying is allowed inside your zones to assist with building.
  • No monster spawn grinders, or automatic self harvasting farms (Cactus). These add lag to the server and cause everyone to suffer.
  • Do not ask how to be an OP or Admin. You will never be.
  • Do not ask or beg for free items or money, gather resources yourself. Players can share with you *IF* they want. But no one likes a beggar.
  • Do not ask the Admin to "Come Look" at what you have built. We know you are proud of your work and we encourage you to show your friends and other players. But the Admin does not have time to run from player to player just to see every house built.
  • Do not cry to the Admin. The Admin is not your baby sitter and will not get involved in drama between you and another player.
  • Do not ask the Admin to give you something you lost. Even if you died, someone stole it from you, or the game had a glitch. It is survival, sometimes you die, sometimes you loose everything, that is how the game goes. Deal with it.
  • Do not ask the admin to work for you. The admin is not your maid, gardener, building contractor, demolitions man or taxi driver. Do it yourself or hire other players.
  • If you ask retarded questions and the answer is on the site or in /help, the Admin will punish you for being lazy.
  • Admin has the right to confiscate any items, buildings or land that has been abandoned by a player.
And remember to be safe online. NEVER give your Minecraft password to anyone. It is better to keep your real information about yourself private and not share it with strangers. You never know who you are chatting with.