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As part of the economy players are encouraged to trade, buy and sell with each other. Players can always make private deals, you can pay someone with the /money command for items they give you. But if you are serious about trying to earn a profit you can run a store. The main advantage of stores is they are always open. Even when you are not online, players can buy and sell to your store anytime.

How to Shop at a Store

In a store zone the chest are used for buying and selling items. Small chest hold items you can buy from the store and large double chest are for the items you sell the store.

Punch a small chest and it will tell you the items for sale inside that chest. If a store has more then one chest you will have to punch each one to see what is inside it. If you want to buy what is inside the chest use the "/buy [Item ID] [How Many]" command.

To sell an item to the store hold it in your hand and punch a large double chest. The store will tell you how much it will pay you for that item. If you like the price then drop the item on the floor to sell it. The item will automatically go inside the chest and the money will be paid to your account.

Hint: You can sell a stack or partial stack at once by opening your inventory window, clicking the stack, and dropping it outside of your inventory box.

Buy Example:
  • You punch a chest that has an item you want to buy.
  • The store will say "20 DIAMOND is 100 coins each."
  • That means diamonds cost 100 coins to buy and there are 20 Diamonds in the chest.
  • To buy two diamonds you would type "/buy diamond 2" and the dimonds go into your inventory and your money is automatically charged.
Selling Example:
  • Hold a diamond in your hand and punch the large double chest with it.
  • The store will say "I pay 75 coins for DIAMOND."
  • The pay amount is always for one item, so if you sell a stack of 15 diamonds the amount would be 15 x 75 = 1,125 coins.
  • To sell the diamond drop it (or a stack) on the floor inside the store.
  • The item automatically goes inside the chest and the money is paid to you.
  • To see everything a store is willing to buy type "/store buy list"

To Run A Store...

Once you understand how shopping at a store works, its easy to run a store. To get a store find a store zone that is for sale, stand in the zone and type "/zone buy". The chest work automatically as long as they are inside a store zone. Put the items you want to sell inside small chest. It is better to put only 1, 2 or 3 different items in a small chest, that way many items are not scrolling in the chat window when someone punches the chest. If you want to buy items from players place a large double chest in the store. Use the store command to set the prices you will buy and sell items for. Type "/store" in the game to see the format.

To sell iron ingot for 50 coins each type "/store sell iron_ingot 50".
To buy diamonds for 100 coins each type "/store buy diamond 100".
To cancel selling or buying an item set the price to zero (0).

All money your store earns from selling items will go into your money store account. If you are buying items from players your store needs money to pay the players with. Make sure you transfer money from your personal account to your store account with the money command.