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One of the main features of the server and main part of the anti-griefing system is zones. Zones are protected areas of land that apply protections and rules different then normal land. All players are given one FREE homezone when they start the game. This will allow you to build your first home and keep it safe from monsters or other players trying to break it.

You are allowed to have more then one zone, however only the first homezone is free. Additional zones you have to buy from the server or from other players using in game money. Players will usually post signs letting people know if a zone is for sale. To get infomation about the zone you are standing in, and see if it is for sale, type "/zone info". If you find a zone that is for sale and want to buy it, standing in the zone and type "/zone buy". Admin will randomly add new zones that can be purchased. Do not ask the Admin to make a zone for you to buy.

Zones have default rules which can be changed by the zone owner. The defualt rules are:
  • Monsters are not allowed to spawn inside the zone.
  • Creeper explosions do not do block damange.
  • Only the zone owner can build or break blocks in the zone.
  • The zone owner can not be attacked by other players.
  • PVP is not allowed inside the zone.
  • All chest and furnaces in a zone auto-lock and can only be opened by the zone owner.

Types of zones:
  • Regular Zones - Are made with the /zone command for the purpose of protecting land which you can buy or resell.
  • Home Zones - Are made with the /makehome command for your first house so you can start building right away. You can not sell your home zone and you only get one.
  • Store Zones - Allow players to buy and sell items to your store, even if you are offline. Stores can only be in city zones.
  • City Zones - Are used to build a community. They allow you to place smaller zones inside them that can have different owners.

To use any of the zone commands you must be standing inside of the zone. Check the in game /help as commands change sometimes.
  • /makehome new - This will make your home zone and automatically build a fence around it. The fence will follow the shape of the land without changing it.
  • /makehome remove - This will delete your home zone and remove the fence around it. It will not remove any buildings that were in the zone.
  • /zone info - To see the info of who owns it, if it is for sale, how big it is, and what rules are being used.
  • /zone coords - To get the XYZ coordinates of the zone boundary.
  • /zone settp - Set the teleport location to where you are standing.
  • /zone gohome - Teleport to your home zone.
  • /zone gohome [username] - Teleport to that users home zone IF you are on the allow list.
  • /zone nick [nickname] - Give a nickname to your zone.
  • /zone allow [username] - Allow a player to build and open any of the chest in the zone.
  • /zone force allow [username] - Allow a player who is NOT online. You have spell their full username correctly. The server wont know if you spelled it wrong.
  • /zone who - Show all of the usernames on the zone allow list.
  • /zone kick [username] - Kick a username off the zone allow list.
  • /zone give [username] - Give away your zone to another player for FREE.
  • /zone sell [price] - Sets the selling price for your zone. When you set a price any player can buy it from you. Set the price to zero (0) to make it not-for-sale again.
  • /zone buy - Buys the zone and you become the zone owner. Do not pay money to a player to buy a zone, this command will automatically make payment for you.
  • /zone mobs - Toggles on or off if monsters are allowed to spawn inside the zone.
  • /zone pvp - Toggles on or off if players are allowed to fight each other inside the zone.
  • /zone delete - This will delete the zone and leave the buildings inside. You will not get any money back and it can not be undone.